Print to the console from hook script

Is it possible to print to the console from a snap hook without including exit 1? I want to print few warning messages from configure hook.

no, it is not, but you can use logger -t $SNAP "$MESSAGE" from inside your hook to write to the journal though …

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Hello I followed your method and included the logger command in configure hook. During installation of my snap, the configure hook get executed. My service has install-mode disabled. I am running the following journalctl command in host system.

sudo journalctl -r -u snap.<snapname>.<servicename>

But I can’t see any warning messages getting printed after installation.

ah, sorry, it should have been logger -t $SNAP_NAME ...

here is an example where i make pretty excessive use of it in the install hook:

I have fixed the command logger -t ${SNAP_NAME} "warning" but when I run the following journalctl command in host system it doesn’t show the message.

sudo journalctl -r -u snap.<snapname>.<servicename>

I can only find the service logs.

it will just log under the snap name, not necessarily under the service name …

you could indeed craft the -t option in a way it uses something like snap.${SNAP_NAME}.<servicename> as tag though, but not sure if journald considers it part of the service then …

Found the logs by passing the tag flag while running journalctl.

sudo journalctl -r -t $SNAP_NAME
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