Previously disconnected interfaces were connected again

I had disconnected a few snaps from the :home plug - using snap disconnect <snap>:home - almost a day ago and I just saw that they were reconnected today.

I would expect a disconnected plugs to remain that way. Did I misunderstand something or is that not enough? What else can I run to make that stick or further investigate what might have caused the plug reconnection?

@zyga-snapd might be able to provide some insight here.

This was lost as a feature along the way but I think it is coming back with some of the work that @pstolowski is doing to ultimately support dynamic attributes and interface hooks. Paweł, can you comment please?

I’m not sure when exactly did we loose that feature but yes, we have a long-standing FIXME comment in the auto-connect code not to re-connect plugs/slots explicitely disconnected by the user. So yes, this is known (and got forgotten).

I haven’t really considered this particular problem of auto-connect interfaces, but I’ve been doing a lot of changes in that area recently in preparation for interface-hooks, so I’m going to add that to my TODO list and will address this soon.

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We lost it when base declarations went live AFAIK

And here is a proposed fix:

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