Previous Revisions not displaying for manually uploaded snaps

Hello all. I’m not sure if its be design or just my account, but when I upload new revisions of the same version to my snapcraft account, it will not show previous revisions in the launch pad tab. It only seems to do that for GIT connected cloud built snaps.

Is there smoothing broken or a way to fix this? I’m in need of moving a previous revision back into --edge for testing and its not letting me. I can’t re-upload it either because it says the binary was already uploaded previously.

Thank you for the help on this.

Launchpad doesn’t know about revisions that were built externally and uploaded manually.

You can manage these directly in and should be able to re-release a previous revision to any channel.

Can you detail what you mean by “it’s not letting me”, or what you are trying and what you are seeing?

You obviously can’t upload an already-uploaded binary because what would be the point :slight_smile: but as said above, you can release any existing revision to a channel, replacing what’s already there, using either the web UI or snapcraft (snapcraft release <your-snap> <a-revision-number> edge for example).

  • Daniel

So every time I upload for example 0.4.7 version of the snap, it does increment the number to revision, 9, then revision, 10, etc. But it does not keep the old revisions incase i need to roll back. It only did that with the git connected cloud build.

So we have a problem where we have 2 versions that our developer labeled the same. 0.4.7, each has a different video setting inside. I need to roll back to the first version i uploaded, but It is no where to be found in the releases tab. It only shows older 0.4.5 versions that were from the git cloud build. Nothing but the last upload shows for the snaps im manually uploading with the snap upload command.