Potential Integer Overflow vulnerability in Zoe/zoelsochore.c

It seems that there exists a potential buffer overflow, according to the following code:

char * ZOE = getenv(“ZOE”);

sprintf(path, “%s/HMM/%s”, ZOE, file);

Hi, I think I’m a bit confused, are you referring to a particular snap?

Yes, I am referring to snap 2013-11-29

That doesn’t look like a valid snap name. Can you attach the output of snap list ?

Currently I am using snap 2.49.2 from ubuntu20.04

I think that refers to the unrelated SNAP program @ https://github.com/KorfLab/SNAP.

@ksb21st I think you’re wrong here. You better file a bug at the aforementioned GitHub address.

I think you are right. Sorry for the commotion. Thank you!