Post a snap on behalf of OpenPrinting

I am the leader of the OpenPrinting project (OpenPrinting’s GitHub).
Here I have created a CUPS-based Printing Stack Snap and want to publish it in the Snap Store. But I do not want to publish it under my name as the developer but OpenPrinting should be the developer. Like I have created an organizational GitHub for OpenPrinting, is there also a way to get an organizational store account for OpenPrinting?
How do I have to proceed?


We don’t currently have organisation support in the store. The next best thing is to sign up on behalf of the org with a separate email (and thus SSO) account. Hook github up via (or use launchpad) to build the snap, and do so entirely from the ‘new’ account. I tend to do this in a new browser profile so I don’t get things mixed up.

If you (as an individual) want to also be able to upload to the same snap, you could use the ‘collaborators’ option in the store when logged in as the new account, to share responsibility for the snap with your existing account. that will mean you don’t have to keep switching accounts to manage the snap, but publicly the snap will shows as owned by the “OpenPrinting” account.

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Thank you very much. I will try this soon.


I have done it now and it works! Thank you very much.

printing-stack-snap from openprinting is in the Edge channel now.


Can we please have one for armhf as well ? I would really want to convert my UbuntuCore18 based Raspberry Pi to a printing server on the local network.