Pocket Casts Webapp Snapped

Hey all,

I am Pocket Casts user and decided to snap their webapp. I came across @Wimpress’s post on Making Your Snap Store Page Pop (which is very useful btw) and realized I haven’t really been announcing my snaps here for feedback and awareness.

So here’s all the links regarding my new Pocket Casts snap. Please feel free to leave any comments and suggestions here, on my blog, or in a GitHub Issue.


and of course the install command:

sudo snap install pocket-casts

Oooh. Pocket Casts user here. I’ve noticed this app doesn’t remember my login credentials between launches.

No? It does for me. I’m assuming Ubuntu MATE? Will look into that today.

I just had a peek at this, and works great except for the same issue that Martin is having.

Okay gentlemen. I found the issue and fixed it. v0.1.1 of the snap should do the trick. :+1:

Thank you for catching it.

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Very late reply - confirmed working!

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