Plex Snap Can't See Certain Music Files

I have an odd situation and I don’t really understand what happened and why.

My Plex server suddenly can’t see certain music files, regardless of format.

It’s only certain files - not all of them and it’s hit or miss.

The perms are correct, I even temporarily set them to 777 to see if that would help and no joy.

I don’t know if there was an update to the snap that broke something?

It’s just weird.

Here’s the rundown:

snap connections plexmediaserver 
Interface        Plug                             Slot              Notes
desktop          plexmediaserver:desktop          :desktop          -
home             plexmediaserver:home-all         :home             -
network          plexmediaserver:network          :network          -
network-bind     plexmediaserver:network-bind     :network-bind     -
opengl           plexmediaserver:opengl           :opengl           -
raw-usb          plexmediaserver:raw-usb          :raw-usb          manual
removable-media  plexmediaserver:removable-media  :removable-media  -
system-observe   plexmediaserver:system-observe   :system-observe   -

Host info:

Ubuntu Server 20.04.1
snap list | grep plex
plexmediaserver  111    latest/stable  plexinc*            -

The media is located on a remote mount (Samba share). I’ve already tried removing and re-adding the files, nothing seems to work. It’s these specific music files of mixed format (i.e. mp3’s, flacs, etc). They were working just fine before…when I don’t know really. Just noticed this last night.

One more oddity to add to this:

I just added a single - new - MP3 to my music collection within the same directory. Plex picked it up, and it’s there as one would assume.

I’m totally confused.

Figured it out!

I had to mount it from another machine, rename the folder and then change the path in Plex to the new name (Music → MUSIC). Now it’s scanning the library and importing all my files.

Of course this means that my playlists are hosed. :frowning: