Plex snap and USB tv tuners

I setup a plex media server on a raspberry pi 4 running Ubuntu core and connected the wintv dual hd tv turners to the usb port. I have tried every usb port and the indicator light is constantly powered on so it is powered on but it never shows up in the livetv and dvr setup section. Does anybody know how to get the tuner to connect properly? Or is the ubuntu plex snap unable to connect to usb devices

check with the snap connections plexmediaserver command if the app has a dvb plug … if so, connect it … if not, contact the plex guys to add it to their snapcraft.yaml

Hello @ducttapebeiler
you can take a look here:
I have similar setup, but I use tvheadend + tvhproxy + pms
Plex clients often does not support transcoding of livetv and the rpi4 is not strong enough to do it in real time, indeed I have a Pi4 with a tvhat running a snap of tvheadend that have much better client support (i.e. LibreELEC on another Pi) and a ryzen 5 with ubuntu 20.04 running pms and tvhproxy that share the tv to plex.

Good luck!

Is there a way to add the dvb plug as a usable plug to plex?

you could re-pack the snap (using unsquashfs to unpack it and “snap pack” to pack it again after chnaging) … but thats a hack and you lose the ability to upgrade it, the only proper way is that the packager adds it to the snapcraft.yaml