Plex-desktop on wayland (cc: tamas)

Currently the plex-desktop snap is unable to work on Wayland without passing DISABLE_WAYLAND=1 via the environment. @tamas are you involved in the desktop snap at all, or are you server only? If you can would it be possible to either change the environment block to the following in the snapcraft.yaml for plex-desktop or convince someone who can to do so?

  SNAP_DESKTOP_RUNTIME: $SNAP/gnome-platform
  DISABLE_WAYLAND: 1 # TODO: Remove once plex-desktop's version of Qt is updated to be Wayland compatible


This should be done now (but in the wrapper script instead).

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This is still broken in build 19 (plex-desktop version 1.54.2) which causes segfault on launch on my Ubuntu 22.04 (running Gnome on Wayland) system.

DISABLE_WAYLAND must be set before the snap/command-chain/desktop-launch script executes, so setting it in is too late in the launch process.

I also note you’re running two different desktop-launch scripts - one that you are implicitly using from the gnome-3-38 extension (that is the one that supports disabling Wayland properly via the DISABLE_WAYLAND=1 variable) and the other that you’re adding separately (presumably via a part in your snapcraft.yaml). You should drop the latter one (in $SNAP/bin) in favour of relying on the one provided by the gnome extension. This will require dropping the bin/desktop-launch part of your command entry:

    command: bin/desktop-launch $SNAP/
    - desktop
    - desktop-legacy
    - gsettings
    - opengl
    - wayland
    - x11
    - alsa
    - audio-playback
    - browser-support
    - graphics-core20
    - hardware-observe
    - network
    - network-bind
    - screen-inhibit-control
    - snap/command-chain/snapcraft-runner
    - snap/command-chain/desktop-launch

(That is from meta/snap.yaml which is generated by snapcraft on build time, and isn’t exactly what you have in your snapcraft.yaml)

Edit: rewrite the post to be clearer.

Oh that’s excellent information, thanks for being so thorough, Dani! I’ll let the team know.

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