Please unregister httplab-even

I accidentally registered this name during the earlier BrightTalk session today, please unregister/unpublish it.


I am reaching out to the owner via e-mail to confirm name revocation

I didn’t receive the mail, so probably this name is already not mine from the start? If so please disregard this request.

I stumbled upon snapcraft list-registered and noticed that httplab-even is still taken by me, and would like to revoke it if possible.

As stated above, I contacted the registered owner (which you claim to be) but didn’t get any response.

We cannot revoke the name based on an anonymous forum request. We need to be able to verify that the genuine owner is requesting its deletion to avoid malicious behaviour.

I will send another email, please be sure to check your mail and check it hasn’t ended in a Junk folder or similar.

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After receiving confirmation, I have revoked the registration.