Please transfer zerotier snap upstream

Hello, this post it’s to ask to move zerotier upstream.

@ztjoseph from ZeroTier would like to take ownership of the snap and as I understood, also @lance agreed to retire his snap in order to have only one official snap.

At this point Joseph you should decide which name you would like to use zerotier or zerotierone This will affect the store name mainly.

Another thing that might be affected it’s the terminal command: in my snap, I use zerotier and then I map all the service around the name like: zerotier.cli zerotier.idtool Anyway, commands can be named fancy using aliases

Also, auto-connection for network-control should be kept, to avoid doing it manually.

I’m happy to transfer either zerotier or zerotier-one to @ztjoseph. For this, please add @ztjoseph as a collaborator to whichever snap you decide to be the main one, have him accept, and then let me know so I can perform the transfer.

Aliases and auto-connections will be maintained, if they exist; if not, please post in the store-requests category requesting those (ideally one post for aliases and another one for auto-connections so they can be reviewed on their own).


  • Daniel

Excellent. Thank you both. I will create another thread to request a few aliases.

We would like to use zerotier as the name.

I do have a small complication regarding my account. I only just realized that a forum and a developer account are not related. I’ve thus created an Ubuntu One developer account that I would like to publish from. It is registered to and the username is simply zerotier. Should I provide a developer id to ensure the correct account is invited to collaborate?

Sorry for the confusion.

Invites are created by email address :slight_smile: the intended recipient should have received an email with instructions about how to accept the invite. Email addresses are unique per account, no two developers can have the same email address, so that should zero in on the right person :).

  • Daniel
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What would be the recommended approach for retiring the other snap name, zerotier-one? I have changed its status in the store to unlisted so that users are unlikely to install it. However, there are currently 1291 devices with that snap installed. Since ZeroTier is a networking utility, it may be potentially disruptive if those installations simply stop working. Should I just leave the snap as unlisted until the number of active installations gradually decreases over time?

The recommended way is to close all the channels, as well as making it unlisted. I can also revoke it for you but that’s a one-way street, you’ll never be able to use the name anymore (no changing your mind, no second chances, no “lesson learned”. It’s gone). If you want that, please let me know.

Even revoking it will not affect existing installations, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Another possible pattern is for you to publish a revision of the snap that somehow notifies users that the snap is deprecated and they can migrate to zerotier if required. This might be a gentler way to get them off the unmaintained snap, versus just leaving them adrift with no further updates.

  • Daniel

Closing all of the channels and de-listing zerotier-one would be fine with me. Having just the zerotier moniker is sufficient for our purposes. We will put out some sort of bulletin to notify users on our end. Might not reach everyone but I think they’ll find their way back to the remaining package when they need to re-install at some point.


Hi @roadmr, I think you can now proceed with the transfer.

Thank you!

The transfer is done.


  • Daniel

I appreciate the help, everyone!