Please transfer the ownership of the following snap


Please transfer the ownership of the following snap: srsran.

It should be owned by “Canonical Telco” (@telco-charmers).

Thank you,

Hi, snaps cannot be owned by Launchpad teams :frowning:

I can transfer it to an individual account of your choice.

We usually request the recipient be added as a collaborator to verify authorization and intent.

Let me know!

  • Daniel

Understood, in this case can we add the following collaborators:

Also, can you please tell me what is the process to make the snap owned by Canonical instead of being directly associated to me?


I can’t add collaborators administratively. If you currently own the snap, the recommended way is for you to add the collaborators directly.

I apologize for this not being properly documented. Canonical-owned snaps should have a reasonable commitment to maintenance, which is covered by the set of collaborators you intend to have.

We also ask that they are stable and have proper metadata so they also present adequately in, given that they will be associated with Canonical’s name.

To that end, crucially, this snap does not have stable-channel releases. I would request that you properly test your snap builds and get them to a point where you’re comfortable doing a stable release.

Additionally, We need for the description and summary to be spruced up a bit, as they seem to both be empty.

Once that’s done, let me know and we can look into a transfer to the Canonical account.

  • Daniel