Please transfer spt to me

Some time back spt was transferred from me to Carlos Hernandez. I believe this was done in error. Please transfer it back to me. I maintain the snap, Carlos doesn’t.

The developer ID of the current owner is spotify-tui, which makes it sound like it was an attempt to create a developer account representing the upstream project, with a second spt-temp project being published by the same account. Did that not happen?

What happened was I was maintaining the snap, but it got behind because one of my monitoring scripts was broken. The snap was transferred away from me (without actually asking me) by someone well-meaning who wanted to move it upstream. I have continued to maintain it since then.

Fair enough. It certainly looks a bit weird with that the spotify-tui developer account has Carlos’s name as display name. I guess the transfer process must have occurred in private, since I don’t see any thread about it on the forum.

You seem like a trust worthy fellow, so I’m inclined to believe your version of events :slight_smile:

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I’ve transferred it back to popey.

  • Daniel
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