Please transfer ownership of pogo to snapcrafters

The pogo snap has been in beta for a week, and I have received feedback that it works as expected.

Please transfer the ownership to the snapcrafters team and make me a collaborator.

Thanks !

+1 from me, let’s move this under Snapcrafters.

Gentle reminder for the ownership transfert of Pogo to the snapcrafters team. Thanks !

Apologies for the delay.

@yannick-mauray can you please add snapcrafters as a collaborator to your snap? This allows me to confirm authorization and intent (I can’t correlate your forum identity with your snap developer profile so we need this verification step).

Once that’s done I can transfer the snap and it takes a moment.

Thanks and cheers,

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel, I’ll chase the correct email for the snapcrafters team. Meanwhile, if you could tell me what I should do to make my profiles easier to correlate, I’d make the necessary changes. I already use the same email address, is there something more I should do ?

Thanks !

Hi there!

(snapcrafters is

For the profile matching thing - it’s not your fault, apologies if I gave that impression. I would need a way to ensure that your forum identity correlates with your snap store one, ideally by ensuring the e-mail addresses match (the username is not a good match because forum usernames are independent from snap store ones, and anyone could have created an account with your name to try to social-engineer an evil transfer).

Unfortunately I do not have admin privileges in the forum and cannot look at account details in a way that would let me ensure the e-mail address match. Even so, it’s absolutely safer for you to do the operation via your snap store account only, since that’s authenticated all the way.

So while there’s nothing you can do to make the identities confirmable, you can always rely on collaboration to signal intent for transfers.

Let me know if there are any other questions :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

Thanks for the info, and no problem about the profiles thing ! I was just curious to know if there was a way to speed the process up.

I’ve added the added the snapcrafters team as a collaborator, and ping the team on Telegram. Now we need to wait for the invite to be approved.

To be continued !

No need to wait, I have sneaky ways of validating snapcrafters’ acceptance on their side, it was mostly about your authorization in a way I could validate on the store.

The transfer is complete and you are added as collaborator.

  • Daniel

Thank you ! I’ll now nag the team for the rest of the process.