Please transfer godot snaps


As per discussion with @roadmr at the snapcraft summit. Please transfer the following snaps from me to godot-developers (0UY8IwVCNpaNj7cS0YfMUEJwyoxaZPNO)

  • godot-mono
  • godot

In addition please transfer the following from @tmm2k (aEOdsC19xrjiN4n6TTzxW1hu7GtP0jr4) to godot-developers (0UY8IwVCNpaNj7cS0YfMUEJwyoxaZPNO)

  • godot-engine
  • godot-runtime
  • godot-bare


We discussed this in person, the request having been properly verified, I’ve actioned this and transferred all 5 snaps to godot-developers.


  • Daniel