Please transfer csbooks to caesiumstudio

Dear Snapcraft Team,
I am developer of the snap csbooks and after my first publish of the listing, I noticed that the publisher name for my snap is appearing as my own name “Ravi Sharma” and there is no way to change it.

So I have created another developer account with my studio’s email id caesiumstudio and name “Caesium Studio”. Could you please transfer the ownership of csbooks to my studio’s developer account.
Tagging the admins @Ads20000, @lucyllewy, @evan, @Wimpress, @jamespage, @om26er, @popey, Please someone help me. I don’t know any other way to get to the admins.


I’ve sent an e-mail to the interested parties to confirm identities and intents. I’ll proceed once I get confirmation from them.

There’s usually no need to ping specific people when requesting a transfer in the store category; store admins (which are the ones who can do transfers) monitor this and we act on requests as soon as possible :slight_smile:


  • Daniel

OK this is done now! Enjoy!

  • Daniel

Thank you so much! I would keep in mind not to tag specific people next time. :slight_smile: