Please transfer checkbox-mir to ~ce-certification-qa and allow :wayland and :x11 slots

Hey @reviewers,

Can I please ask that the checkbox-mir snap be transferred to the ce-certification-qa publisher, and the wayland and x11 slots be allowed for the checkbox-mir snap?

Some of the tests there run Xorg or a Wayland server, to which the snap under test connects.

Thank you!

OK for the transfer the ownership of this snap to ce-certification-qa

As the checkbox-mir snap is a test suite that pretends to be a Wayland and an X11 server, allowing it to provide those slot interfaces is required and makes sense. +1 from me.

The slots wayland and x11 are required by the snap given the nature of this snap. +1 for this

+2 votes for, 0 against. Granting x11 and wayland slot interfaces for checkbox-mir. This is now live.



The snap has been transferred as requested.

BR Najam

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