Please support input method :yong

Yong is an Independent input method framework,just like ibus and fcitx.


you can install it by:

$ tar -xzf 98wb.tar.gz
$ cd 98wb
$ sudo ./ --install
$ ./ --select

hera are yong’s pages:

somebody tell me I can ask help here:

[as an aside, a screen shot of Chinese text isn’t particularly useful to non-native speakers: we can’t even pass it through a machine translator in that form]

So, there are a few things that would need to happen to get your input method working with snaps.

  1. How does the application communicate with the input method?

    Confined applications run under a restrictive AppArmor policy that prevents them from interfering with other applications and the rest of the OS. If the input method runs out of process, the AppArmor policy would need to be updated to allow that communication.

    Rather than as a separate snap interface, this would probably make sense to be part of the main desktop app snap interface. This would either be the existing unity7 interface or its successor (which I gather might be called desktop).

  2. Applications need to be able to see the GTK/Qt input method module

    Confined snap applications can’t see the host’s file system, so it isn’t enough to install the GTK or Qt input method module on the host: it would need to be available to the apps too. Currently we have a gnome-3-24 snap that provides GNOME platform libraries for other snaps. It includes a number of input method modules including ibus and fcitx. Adding your input method would probably be the easiest way to handle things.

    The gnome-3-24 snap is currently built out of a number of .deb packages, so a first step would be to have the input method packaged as .deb packages (i.e. not via a shell script you download and run).

If we get those issues out of the way, there are still something else to consider: how much does your input method trust applications? With snap packages, we let anyone upload applications to the store since we rely on the confinement system to restrict what the applications can do. This means that the application talking to your input method is essentially untrusted code. So how robust is the input method to hostile applications? Does the input method make sure I can’t access another application’s contexts and intercept text that should go to them? Does it validate the incoming requests from applications?