Please remove Vectr snap from editors picks

The vectr snap is currently still featured in the “editors picks” in the Ubuntu software center, even though it has been broken for a while. I contacted Vectr support privately and they state that the snap will not be fixed anytime soon, but they do not want to remove the snap or make it private due to “manpower and technical issues”.

Editor’s picks featuring vector

The snap currently segfaults, and it show in all the reviews:

Having broken apps featured as “editor’s picks” hurts the reputation of the snap store, so it might be best to at least not recommend the snap anymore.

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Thanks for getting in contact with the upstream developers. It’s a shame they don’t have the capacity to update or unlist the Vectr snap. I suspect it’s a trivial fix to make the snap work again, which I’d love to help them with.

In the meantime, I’ve requested that the store team ( tag @roadmr ) remove it from editors picks.

Once again, thanks for your diligence on this, I really appreciate people in the wider community getting involved and letting us know when things like this happen.

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I’ve removed vectr from the featured (and art category) store listings.


  • Daniel
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