Please remove the multimc5-casept snap

A while ago I uploaded an unofficial snap for the multimc minecraft instance manager. The upstream developer has now stated that he does not want a snap package to exist, and redistribution without changing the branding is also a violation of the license. Therefore I’d like to request the package to be removed (I’ve already set it to private, however I’m not sure whether this makes earlier revisions of the snap non-downloadable as well). Note that the packaged is not cracked or modified in any other way than adding a small patch that was needed to make it build.

I did upload a cracked version to gitlab, however that isn’t related to the snap package in any way (and I have taken that down as well).

I’m posting this request here because I’ve seen other people being directed to make a post here if they wish a snap to be removed. If the process for requesting snap removal has changed please let me know.