Please publish snapcraft multipass image for arm64

We want to build snaps on ARM64 and allow developers to be able to do the same. The current ARM64 laptop out there is Mac M1. Multipass works well on it but when I try to build a snap on it, it complains that multipass couldn’t find core20 image.

Can anyone share the plan for when it will be available ?

As a sidenote, I was able to build the snap by launching a Ubuntu 20.04 VM using Multipass and using --destructive-mode, however that’s no convenient.

Ping @sergiusens @Saviq, is that something we can help with ? Also are there any blockers in doing this (apart from actually creating an Image that snapcraft can pull ?)

Hi @om26er, we’re working on this, there are no blockers per se - just need time to build and verify the images. And we’re (Ubuntu) in the LTS cycle, so there’s plenty of work to go around.

In the mean time, apart from destructive mode, you can mount your code and snapcraft --use-lxd in a Multipass instance.

We’ll be updating things here: