Please permit connection of uinput interface for sc-controller

sc-controller is a snap which allows the Steam Controller to be used with non-Steam games. The upstream package does not run on modern Ubuntu releases as python2 has been deprecated and some libraries are unavailable. The snap gets around this problem by using the core18 packages.

Following lengthy discussion and analysis by the snapcraft and security team, such as @jdstrand, the uinput interface has been added to snapd to allow this application to function. As such, I would be grateful if the interface could be connected and authorised.


+1 for use of and auto-connect of this interface.

+1 for the use of the uinput interface for sc-controller.

Can I dare to hope that this will be approved today? I’ll love you all forever :slight_smile:

Sorry to bump this again, but we’re now nearly 2 weeks into a one week process. Can I have a final decision one way or the other, please?


2 votes for, 0 against for use of and auto-connect of the uinput interface. Granting. This is now live.

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Many thanks for all your help with this!