Please expose "base" key from meta/snap.yaml in the store

We are working on the base snap feature currently. The next step we are addressing is the automatic installation of missing base snaps. In order to do that we need information from the store about the snap what base snap is required.

It will be enough to expose “base: $base” 1:1 from meta/snap.yaml to the snap details API endpoint (alongside channel, summary etc).

An open question around this is how much validation the store side should do. I.e. should it reject snaps that request bases that are not available via the store for example? For now I’m fine with no validation but now is a good time to discuss that.

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there is also snap_yaml_raw available for new revisions (and could be made available for old ones), but we haven’t actually used it for anything but debugging so far

That is very interessting. We could use to expose the base field. I can prepare a PR for this.

I think we want to expose the base field and not rely on snap_yaml_raw - so please only use the latter as an interim solution.

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yes, it’s quite fundamental property of a snap going forward so it should be exposed directly