Please auto-connect joystick interface for chocolate-doom-jdstrand is a game that is arguably best enjoyed when using a game controller. Please auto-connect the joystick interface.

I approve having vetted the publisher :smiley:


@reviewers - can two or more of you vote on this request?

+1 from me on the auto-connection, it sounds entirely reasonable for a game and the interface is well-constrained.

  • Daniel

+1 from me too - makes sense to do this for all games which use a joystick

Sorry to be annoying about this, but having a few games in the store I’d appreciate some clarity:

  • is it reasonable to be autoconnecting an interface from a trusted packager of untrusted upstream code?
  • should joystick be autoconnected for all games, even those traditionally played by mouse and keyboard?
  • if the threshold for autoconnection is so low, shouldn’t this be autoconnected by default?
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I am :+1: for auto-connecting the joystick interface.

Perhaps @alexmurray or @jdstrand would like to answer @mcphail’s question?

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I’d like to clarify that I have no objection to the joystick interface being autoconnected in this case; rather, it has taken 16 days for a review of a trivial permission for a trusted packager. There aren’t enough reviewers to thoroughly audit the code, so why do we persist with this security theatre for trivial interfaces? I know I’ve been banging on about this but it doesn’t look as if the system is truly deliverable. Can we have some more of the lower risk interfaces autoconnected by default? The current review system is creaking and cannot be expected to scale.

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3 votes for, 0 against. @alexmurray - can you process this request (I cannot since I am the publisher).

On a personal level, I don’t particularly mind how long it took; I certainly didn’t expect any special treatment.

As for scaling: this has been identified as an issue and various teams are working to improve the situation.

As for joystick being trivial: this has been discussed elsewhere and while I agree this is arguably on the edge of being auto-connectable, connecting the interface does expand the kernel surface for something that most snaps do not need, so I think it is still correct to not auto-connect it by default. Games should have it connected, so the process is meant to be lightweight enough to get the approval, and the improvements on resourcing should help with that.

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@jdstrand - done - this is now live.