Please auto-connect camera interface for flock-chat (Was: Need classic confinement to get camera access and file download)

Hey we are about to release our linux App Flock under the name flock-chat (as flock already stands for file lock in linux).

flock-chat is right now in beta and we need this permission to make it public.

We are unable to access the camera for video conference which is a blocker for us, so we need to switch to confinement “classic”.

As I try to upload my app in classic mode its gives error and asks to create a new topic in forum with the explanation for the need.


@chipaca @jdstrand

The camera interface doesn’t cover this?

I am building snap via electron builder.

and I have added camera to plugs option provided(which refers to interfaces doc) but still I cannot access the camera.

The user has to manually connect the camera right? Which we don’t expect the user to do.

As soon as I install my snap via: ‘sudo snap install flock-chat --beta --classic’ I am able to access the camera.

The camera interface is not auto-connected. What if you install the snap in strict mode and connect the camera interface?


$ sudo snap install flock-chat --beta
$ sudo snap connect flock-chat:camera

Note, your snap will need to use ‘confinement: strict’ for the above and plugs the camera interface. If this works for you, then instead of requesting classic confinement, you could request auto-connection of the camera interface.


@jdstrand @chipaca
Yes Its works. Didn’t know I can request for auto-connection as well.

Can you provide me with the auto-connection for camera.

We are also developing downloading of files send in a message to be in-client for which will need the access to write in download folder (We are team chat app like Slack), so I future we will need the classic as well but for now camera auto-connect will work.

You can use the home interface to get access to the user’s Downloads folder.

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Or any other non-hidden folder you choose. Eg, ~/Flock or ~/Downloads/Flock (or whatever else makes sense to you… just not ~/.Flock or similar).

@jdstrand @kyrofa
Will add home plug. How to get auto-connection for camera and home

‘home’ is a so-called ‘transitional interface’ and already auto-connected on classic distro (ie those that are not snaps-only like Ubuntu Core).

+1 to auto-connect the camera interface. Looking at the flock website, video-conferencing is a core feature of the application.

@flock - note there is a voting procedure for auto-connection and we are now following Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks

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+1 to camera auto-connection from me, as well.

Is the voting procedure for auto-connection complete?

We just needed 7 days to pass. That has happened.

2 votes for and 0 against. Granting auto-connection of the camera interface. This is now live.

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