Please add MicroStack tracks for OpenStack releases

Hi all,

I’d like to add the following three tracks to the MicroStack snap (

These tracks map to upstream OpenStack releases with matching names, and will also map to branches in the MicroStack git repository.

I believe that these tracks, which will eventually expand to include the “u”, “v”, etc. OpenStack releases, are the simplest way of supporting multiple OpenStack releases, fulfilling some internal Canonical support obligations, as well as allowing anyone using MicroStack to interact with OpenStack in the way that they are used to, jumping releases only when they mean to.

Thank you!
~ PeteVG


+1 from me as reviewer, the requests match the intended use case for tracks and they piggyback on the OpenStack release cadence process which is well-known.

Since MicroStack has no existing tracks, we’ll need to open a 7-day waiting/comments period, after this we’ll create the tracks if we get +2 votes from reviewers.


  • Daniel

@reviewers, could we get some eyes/votes on this request please?


  • Daniel

+1 from me - seems like an exemplary case for tracks

Given that we got +2 votes from reviewers, I’ve created these tracks.


  • Daniel

Woot! Thank you very much for the reviews :slight_smile: