Please add a Troubleshooting category

Suggest you create “Troubleshooting” as a forum category for all posts related to snap problems, e.g. snap [mis]behaviour, installed snaps not launching, repair how-to’s, etc., etc.

Hey Cliffe, I brought your idea up in a separate channel to see if it had already been considered and it started some good discussion so I figured I’d move over here.

It seems like a good idea to me but the way things are at the moment gives problems effectively one layer of filtering. Issues around snapd got to the snapd category, issues around the store go to the store category, etc. That is then where the troubleshooting happens.

The other thing is that the problems you’re describing typically go to the existing ‘snap’ category where people have their eyes already and where things like not launching or [mis]behaviour either get addressed or split out and moved to the ‘correct’ category.

I’m not saying this is the best solution, just how it is at the moment and why I’m not jumping to make the category :sweat_smile: But of course interested to see what other folks think?

No prob, Rhys. Glad to know where I should post troubleshooting questions for snaps as opposed to snapd.
Thanks for your reply,

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I agree with others about this and think that a troubleshooting category would introduce another layer of work for folks who help out on the forum, but I also want to comment that the “snap” category mostly already serves that purpose, i.e. a new user who does not know much about snaps or snapcraft or snapd, etc. comes to this site, has at least enough knowledge that snaps somehow fit into the problem they want troubleshooting with and as such I think it makes sense they start out with the snap category for their problem.

As such, even today, many posts start out in the snaps category and folks such as myself will triage them as they come in and it becomes clear that the issue they are trying to troubleshoot is actually something with snapcraft or snapd or a device issue, etc.

So I think I would be against adding a troubleshooting category to the forum, but I would be in favor of making the default category the snaps category, since I do sometimes see posts come in without any category that should likely be in the snaps category to start out with

Also as an aside, I think even this post should live in the #forum category itself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Just to address the aside, what was this thread in originally?

It looks like there is no default at the moment, things just get dropped in ‘other’ and are considered ‘uncategorized. If you as one of those helpful folks who triage rogue topics would prefer we set that to ‘snaps’ we can certainly make that happen? It would take bit of re-jiggin’ but if it makes things easier point other helpfuls like you and @ogra here for their opinion too.

Yeah exactly this thread was in “other”, and yes that would be my preference to set the default to be snaps, but of course let’s get others opinions too

well, i tend to default to “latest” in my settings so i usually see everything that comes in anyway so either way it wouldnt conflict with my work flow …

it might bother me a bit having to move all the posts that come in around to their best fitting category though … which is also why i opposed having a “troubleshooting” category in teh first place

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@rhys-davies do you think we can move forward with making the snap category the default one for new posts ?

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I certainly do, it’ll take a little bit of doing, but if you think it’s worth it we can do it.

What it means is that I’ll have to turn off the ability for people to post a topic without a category. These posts were just being dumped into a special category called ‘other’. Turning off this ability will remove ‘other’ as a category. So before I do that I’ll create a new category called ‘temp’.

Once we move the topics from ‘other’ into ‘temp’ I’ll remove the ‘other’ category and re-name ‘temp’ to be the new ‘other’ category and we’ll be fine and dandy (help would be appreciated).

But before I do that I’m going to let this sit here for a day or two and I’m going to tag @popey and @anthonydillon, two people who know more about discourse than me, to make sure there isn’t an easier way of achieving the same thing?

Well depending on how many topics there are in #other maybe we could just triage all of them into appropriate categories

Well it appears there is at least 100 so that would take a while, nevermind me… I may in my copious amounts of free time attempt to triage that just to satisfy my internal desire for categorization :smiley:

Ha, yea, there are actually 865, but indeed, I’ll try and batch move some but we can definitely triage at the same time. Again, assuming someone doesn’t chime in with a better way

The discourse discourse is a good place for learning about how to operate it.

I agree we should have a troubleshooting category though.

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Looks to me like whatever you did wiped the “snap” category now ?

(there used to be ~1800 posts in it)

I see 1800+ posts there now FWIW

I see what @ogra sees.

I still se nothing if I click on “Latest” in the header and select “snap” in the pulldown and also nothing if i click on “Categories” and pick the “snap” category from the overview … in both cases i see the above empty screen … (i do see an “x 1825” next to the category name in the pulldown, but no way to reach the posts themselves)

EDIT: i do see “snap” posts if i pick “Top” at the top bar, but that seems to be the only way to get to them now …

Yep, my bad, I forgot to reset that, should be fixed however quickly discourse updates these kinds of things.

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yup, seems it is all back now … :hugs:

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FYI, so I don’t break anything, I’ve asked IS to have a look at this thread and see if they can make the changes using some of the queries recommended in various places on the metadiscourse.

I’ll keep this thread updated as things move along or if we end up having to do it all by hand :sweat_smile: But it doesn’t seem like a complicated thing to do if you have access to the backend, we’ll see.