Other category broken?

I just posted to other and not only did it not appear in the “Latest” but there appears to be no messages in other even though 865 are listed? Is it me?

We tried to change it so that new posts without a category go to #snap, because they used to go to #other, but that is not monitored as much but maybe there is still be fallout from that, see Please add a Troubleshooting category

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out of curiosity why did you choose to post in #other? it’s my personal hope that we have no posts in #other and they all get triaged somewhere else

It defaulted to other and it was sort of a random topic not especially applicable anywhere. You could make an argument that it could go in a number of categories or none of them I think. :slight_smile:

i moved your post to the snap category for now so it at least gets visible …

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Thank you kindly. I’ll avoid other next time and do a best guess!