Piper - an essential app for configuring gaming mice

There is no Snap and the deb one is out of date 0.7. Ubuntu Summit 2023 will specifically have gaming talks, so this would reflect on that too.

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Don’t worry, snap will be there soon :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s great! Any estimate? Or happen to have a source for this news?

Well, actually I was going to build it. But a little busy with heroic. But, okay will try tonight.

Ok? Are you with the snapcrafters? Or who are you? What kind of sandboxing your snap will have?

strict sandboxing, that’s for sure. And no, I am not a snapcrafter, just a mere publisher of some snaps. You can think me as a package maintainer.

@dziadulewicz Can you test the snap?


I need your help to finalize the plugs and slots