Hello everyone, I am new to Linux, finally got tired of MS extortion practices.
My first computer was an IBM, DOS, 256 kb HD. Because of that foundation using the terminal is not that foreign to me.
I am running Ubuntu 18.04.2LTS, i5-4210CPU,16MB RAM, 208GB HD.
I have always used Photoscape (WIN7 & 10) so I downloaded it via the instructions
sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install photoscape
The problem I am having is getting it to run. It is on my desktop, when I open it there is a wheel spinning on the mouse pointer ( which I assume means it is loading) but nothing appears to work with.
When I open Task Manager I do not see photoscape (if that is how it would be listed)
What have I not done/not done so that the program is useable?
Have no idea which group to address this to.

That’s issue I believe

Generally, you can find a contact url in the store listing:
It often leads to a bugtracker or similar.

Maybe @galgalesh could give you an ETA on the issue right in this forum.

Hi @papagee

I just uploaded a new version to the edge channel. Could you try if that one works?

Either run snap refresh photoscape --edge or snap install photoscape --edge if it’s not intalled yet.

Note: this fix is now available in the stable channel

I ran the ‘snap refresh photoscape --edge’. Still can not open Photoscape to work with.

That is expected now. The fixes are pushed to stable. Can you please run snap refresh photoscape --stable and try again? If that doesn’t work, can you run snap run photoscape and show the output of that command?

The edge channel now contains an even newer version which is waiting on an auto-connections fix before it will work correctly.

Error when reinstall of photoscape - Run configure hook of “photoscape” snap if present (run hook “configure”: cannot locate base snap core18: No such file or directory)