Photonotebook auto-connections request


I have just uploaded my first snap application, photonotebook, and it has been referred “to a human” for review. The upload was to a “candidate” release. The release failed.

The reason given for the failure is as follow:

“human review required due to ‘allow-installation’ constraint (bool) declaration-snap-v2_plugs_installation (photonotebook, unity8)”

I also believe the snap requires the following auto-connections:


photonotebook is a photo-image management tool enabling users to import images into its structured data environment and permit the addition of notes (.txt) files to be associated with individual images and collections of images.
It allows importing of images from usb connected devices (cameras and memory devices) and also from optical media and network connected storage.

photonotebook works well in a Strict confinement with the above connections, but without the auto-connection rights to connect to internal and external storage and cameras, it’s utility is strictly limited and would require a Classic confinement to be useful.

I am sure you will let me know if you require any more information.

Kind regards

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Congratulations with your first snap!

  • unity8 provides access to data from Unity 8 desktop applications. This was a development interface which is not supported for general use. Removing this interface should solve the “manual review” issue.
  • The networkmanager interface is used to configure networking. This is not needed for network access. Does your application need to configure the network or is the network interface enough for you?
  • home is automatically connected by default. You don’t need to request auto-connections for this.

Hi Galgalesh,

Unity8 - ok sorted!
I do not need to configure the network, It only needs access to the network for data transfer.

On a slightly different subject - I have configured the app to use $SNAP_USER_COMMON - is this the best location for data structures and data that will not change as versions are updated?

Many thanks for your help


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Ok, then you can also remove the pulseaudio plug and plug network instead. That does everything you need and it’s auto-connected.

Yes it is

That’s brilliant!
Thanks !