Phockup not working on NAS mount TrueNAS

I currently use Phockup to organize and sort my media files on my main Linux Mint PC for a while now. This works great for any dir’s on the local PC. However, when I try to run this on my TrueNAS mount with all my media files it does not seem to work!

I have the NFS mount setup, which mounts fine, I can add/remove files or dir’s as needed mounted from my Linux PC, I even set the perms to ‘777’ but each time I try to run phockup it complains it cant access the dir! I use my ID as well as root from my PC and they both have the same results. I even added the ‘everyone’ full access on the Storage ACL but that did not help. The path to the media files mounted on my PC are /home/user/NAS so I would think that would work right?

Any advice, I would really like to get this app to work to sort everything here.

drwxrwxrwx 7 root root 1605 Apr 17 12:53 Videos

Input directory “Videos” does not exist or cannot be accessed