Peruse autoconnect request

Peruse needs network-manager-observe for knewstuff ( the kde downloader for community add-ons comic books in this case )

Thanks, Scarlett


While it doesn’t seem immediately obvious that peruse would need network-manager-observe, given it is required for it’s downloading functionality then +1 from me.

+1 from me, this is necessary functionality for this software.

Maybe adding some lines about why this is needed to the snap description might help other users having this same concern?

It sounds good idea to me @emitorino

@sgmoore, can you please address this concern?


I need clarity of what you are asking here. As I read it, you want me to put plug usage information in the snap description, however, we use adopt-info and appstream metadata to pull that information in. appstream metadata is used for more than just snaps so I can’t upstream this information and asking me to patch every snap with this information is a monumental ask for over 175 snaps. Is this a new requirement? I have never been asked to do this on any of my auto-connect requests. If it is it really needs a new data slot and not one brought in with adopt-info. Or am I missing the request altogether and there is a description somewhere else you want me to update? Thanks, Scarlett

That requirement exists since the beginning, but has a) been handled sloppy in the past and b) really only applies to certain auto-connections of certain interfaces (i.e. things like audio-record if your app wouldn’t be immediately recognizable as a typical audio recording tool by name or description) …

i haven’t seen this being asked for NM-observe yet though, since this is a typical interface for desktop apps to know the systems online status …

Surprised this is the first time I have been asked then. Also surprised no one has had the adopt-info / metadata complaint with adding this information. There really should be another optional data slot for this type of information.

@sergiusens @Igor any thoughts on this?


Three things come to mind:

  1. I don’t think we need a special description here, as KDE is a vetted and well-established publisher.
  2. It would be highly useful to have the information surface other than the description - @sgmoore can you file a bug/request with the store team?
  3. in the worst case, can you manually edit just the description of this specific snap, if the security/store team are adamant about the information.

@Igor hi, I am tying to file that bug but unclear as to where to file it! Yes I can reluctantly manually update the description if necessary… but it will get overwritten on next update?

Let’s see what the store team has to say. For the bug, you can submit it on Launchpad.

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Thanks, Scarlett

The idea to have a separate field for specifying the auto-connects is good, thank you for submitting that.

+2 votes for, 0 against and some Store improvement suggestions made :slight_smile: . Granting auto-connect of network-manager-observe to snap Peruse. This is now live.

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