Personal Full Name info on Snaps

Hello, I’m new to snapcraft and sorry for the basic question, but how do we stop the snaps from adding our full personal name to the download and metadata process? I tried changing my full name to my company name, but it seems to revert back at times.

For the purposes of private security, how can we get snaps to appear without the person who uploaded them personal info, and say use the company information instead?

Just guessing based on the info you provided, it sounds like the snap may be registered in your name and as such is tied (in a semi-permanent way) to you and your account.

If this is the case then you should register an account for your company to use, add it as a collaborator and ask the store team to transfer ownership to that account.

I believe this is the solution you are seeking. @store-team please correct me if I’m mistaken!

That is the suggested practice indeed, thanks @futuretim!