Personal-files request for doctl

doctl, the official DigitalOcean cli, provides two commands that integrate with Docker:

  • doctl registry login
  • doctl registry logout

They enable a user to configure Docker to access their private container registry. This is done via a Go package provided by Docker for updating its config. In order to allow Snap users to run this command, we are requesting a new personal-files plug for write access to the $HOME/.docker directory.

See this PR for the proposed change to our Snap definition:

We require permissions to the entire directory rather than just $HOME/.docker/config.json as a temp file is first written there before being moved its final location. For example, this is the output of watching the directory with inotifywait when the command is run outside of Snap confinement:

$ inotifywait -m -r ~/.docker/
Setting up watches.  Beware: since -r was given, this may take a while!
Watches established.
/home/asb/.docker/ OPEN config.json
/home/asb/.docker/ ACCESS config.json
/home/asb/.docker/ CLOSE_NOWRITE,CLOSE config.json
/home/asb/.docker/ CREATE config.json007478726
/home/asb/.docker/ OPEN config.json007478726
/home/asb/.docker/ MODIFY config.json007478726
/home/asb/.docker/ CLOSE_WRITE,CLOSE config.json007478726
/home/asb/.docker/ MOVED_FROM config.json007478726
/home/asb/.docker/ MOVED_TO config.json

Note that we are not asking for auto-connect.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you need to process this request. Thanks!