Personal file access request for bitbucket-cli

The bitbucket cli needs to store and read the user’s bitbucket profiles to access The profiles are stored in ~/.config/bitbucket/config-cli.yml and ~/.bitbucket-cli as a backup (if XDG folders are not used).

+1 from me for personal-files interface for write access to ~/.config/bitbucket/config-cli.yml and ~/.bitbucket-cli files as they clearly belong to this snap.

@gildas , let us know if you need auto-connection to this interface. Also this is a super-privilege interface, so it will require publisher vetting

+1 from me as well for granting use of personal-files with write access to ~/.config/bitbucket/config-cli.yml and ~/.bitbucket-cli to the bitbucket-cli snap since the snap is the clear owner of the directory.

Because of the same reason I am also +1 with granting auto-connect, but first I would like to understand if you have discussed this with upstream/Atlassian? iiuc this is not an official snap so we should clarify this to the users.


I am not familiar with auto-connect, so I might need help to decide. Basically the CLI needs to send HTTP requests to and (for authentication). Does it mean it needs auto-connect?

Now, to answer @emitorino , Bitbucket does not provide any CLI, like Github and GitLab do. They only give us a REST API. The lack of a CLI is what motivated this project. So, no, I have not discussed with Atlassian, not sure they would listen anyway. Where could we mention/make it clear this snap does not come from Atlassian, but a third party (me)?

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FWIW, I added a note to the summary:

Note: This snapcraft is not affiliated with Atlassian.

Anything else you guys would need me to provide?

Hey @gildas I’m kicking off the publisher vetting process. Could you please get back to my DM that I just sent you. Thanks.

Publisher vetting completed.

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connect to personal-files interface with write access to ~/.config/bitbucket/config-cli.yml and ~/.bitbucket-cli to bitbucket-cli snap. This is now live.

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