Permission to open snap store within my app

I already have an app in snap store, but I like to add a button that allows users to pop up snap store of my app so they can give it thumb up or down.

I know the follow command would work if I have permission:

snap-store grapher

My question is:

  1. Is there a better alternative for opening snap store within my app than starting a new process with above command? (preferably a solution that doesn’t need any extra permissions)
  2. If not, what permission do I need to give to my app so that running snap-store is not blocked?

Have you tried running snappy-debug on your snap in order to check it? It usually show what connection is missing for performed action.

xdg-open snap://grapher

This’ll work in both strict and classic and will open any app that claims to support the snap:// protocol. With the default snap-store that’ll open the store up for you and take them right to it.

I think this could possibly work with no permissions but to be safe and use portals over snapds own workarounds, you’d just need desktop as an interface which is automatically connected.


Awesome thanks! Using snap://grapher worked smoothly without need for desktop interface.