Permission denied snap

I am encountering a permission denied issue when running a snap application in /mnt. Shouldn’t having removable-media eliminate this problem? Additionally, when I mount with sudo mount -t nfs IP:/test/snaptest /mnt/test nfs and if sudo nano /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/profiles/snap.test.test /mnt/** rw, is missing, I get a permission error. Do I always need to add this, or is there another solution? Also, I am curious if there are any mistakes in my approach.

The shell script downloads the file using curl, extracts it with tar -xvf download.tar, and then merges and provides the extracted files as a compressed file. Since I cannot obtain classic confinement, I am testing with the addition of removable-media

Have you run sudo snap connect $SNAP_NAME:removable-media