My perl application depends from perlmagick package. I have included perlmagick to stage-packages in my snapcraft.yaml. But I can not provide any read operations from installed perl module. I can use ls command from perl script and see files. I can use perl’s open operator to read these files. I can not open them by Image::Magick’s Read method. :cry: It returns 0 opened files. I think, this is security police restriction. I try to read files directly from $SNAP, $HOME_SNAP_COMMON, $HOME folders, but did not get results. I try to use command convert -list format from script and can see no supported image formats. Looks like installed libraries are not allowed. When I try to use Imager::Resize module - it works. But I need use Image::Magick module in my app. I have add all possible apps plugs, it does not help. How I can resolve this?