Performance measurement for changes started


we started work on making it easier for people to gather data about where a snapd operation spends its time. The first part of this has just landed in git and wis now available in the the edge channel for the core snap. We added a new:

$ snap debug timings

command. With that it is now possible to see how long an each operation (task) on a change took (note that only changes installed with the latest snapd will actually record this data).


$ sudo snap install test-snapd-tools
$ sudo snap debug timings --last=install
ID    Status        Doing      Undoing  Summary
5999  Done           23ms            -  Ensure prerequisites for "test-snapd-tools" are available
6000  Done           30ms            -  Download snap "test-snapd-tools" (6) from channel "stable"
6001  Done          276ms            -  Fetch and check assertions for snap "test-snapd-tools" (6)
6002  Done          420ms            -  Mount snap "test-snapd-tools" (6)
6003  Done           11ms            -  Copy snap "test-snapd-tools" data
6004  Done          839ms            -  Setup snap "test-snapd-tools" (6) security profiles
6005  Done          253ms            -  Make snap "test-snapd-tools" (6) available to the system
6006  Done           37ms            -  Automatically connect eligible plugs and slots of snap "test-snapd-tools"
6007  Done           30ms            -  Set automatic aliases for snap "test-snapd-tools"
6008  Done           21ms            -  Setup snap "test-snapd-tools" aliases
6009  Done           12ms            -  Run install hook of "test-snapd-tools" snap if present
6010  Done           12ms            -  Start snap "test-snapd-tools" (6) services
6011  Done           12ms            -  Run configure hook of "test-snapd-tools" snap if present

More functionality and details will be added to this over the next couple of weeks.

We hope you enjoy these new capabilities.