Performance improvements during the Ubuntu 20.04 life cycle?

There are a ton of performance related topics, but I was unable find any kind of forward looking roadmap on things to come, especially during the life cycle of Ubuntu 20.04.

The story is that I bought a new Acer Nitro 5 laptop specifically for the purpose of running Ubuntu 20.04 for years to come. This laptop sports a Ryzen 5 CPU and NVMe SSD, so there should be decent horsepower under the hood. Linux compatibility is top notch and Ubuntu 20.04 is a beautiful distro.

But the Snap based software distribution has left me questioning. I have not benchmarked or anything, but I can easily observe launch delays even with small basic apps like VLC and Telegram. I have not even looked into more massive apps like office suites yet. This is somewhat disturbing, as I finally have a powerful computer for the job (I used to run 10yr old Thinkpads for the previous Ubuntu releases). Seeing such delays/sluggish application launch performance is not what I expected to have.

My hardware is up to date, but what worries me even more is that the most common use case I see around for Ubuntu is recycling of an old laptop to new use. Now if this new rig of mine takes a performance hit, what it will be like on lesser hardware and potentially spinning HDDs? Can I recommend Ubuntu for the purpose of recycling/refurbishing old hardware, as people with less ICT skils will certainly install Snap packages, as they are the default.

So my actual question is:

Can I expect Snap performance improvements during the 20.04 life cycle?

Is the something on the roadmap to look forward to?

Yes: Application startup performance