Pending review on flock reserved name

It has been 1 week and our snap is still in pending review state because flock(name of my snap) is a reserved word. We need the name flock as it has been the name of our product in all other platforms, we also hold and twitter:

We need it in a hurry as more and more of our customer are demanding a linux app but we are stuck at this issue.

flock is the name of a UNIX system call, it’s been in both Linux and BSD since ~1995.
There is a corresponding binary, /usr/bin/flock, which is part of util-linux and that is a required and essential package in any Debian-derived system, including Ubuntu.

As such, even if the name was granted (and note I have neither vote nor veto on that), users typing that on a terminal will get the system utility. If users changed their PATH to avoid that, they’d break their system.


Yes, for the reasons @chipaca stated that name cannot be used unfortunately.

cc @jdstrand

Thanks for the help we will go for some other name then.

@flock note that you could call it something like flock-app, which would still be clear and discoverable and everything (especially if the publisher is ‘flock’), and if you set the ‘package title’ to “flock” in the dashboard, GUI software stores will show that instead of the package name.

Here you can see a bit of the dashboard for xbill, which is actually xbill-xaw because xbill is reserved:

and this is how it shows up in the store: