Password-manager-service not accessing

Hi there, I’m running openSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE (snapd v. 2.48.2), and I am encountering an issue with the password-manager-service interface. Basically, the interface is not registering with KWallet at all.
I have configured KWallet to ask for confirmation whenever an application attempts to access it, and it was never triggered by either snapd or the snaps themselves (in my case: standard-notes and 1password).
I came across this thread 3 on Microsoft’s Github, and it seems that KDE users of the storage-explorer snap all had to resort to installing gnome-keyring for the interface to work (on openSUSE, Kubuntu and Arch/Manjaro). This is not a great workaround, and according to snapcraft’s documentation 1, the interface should also integrate with KWallet. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks in advance.

Do you see any system denials when your app tries to access KWallet? What is the output of the following:

snap version
journalctl -b0 --no-pager | grep DENIED