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Dear All,

I have released my first snap to the ubuntu store in “beta” status for diceware-filiberto.
diceware-filiberto is a passphrase generator following the proposals of Arnold G. Reinhold.
It generates passphrases by concatenating words randomly picked from wordlists.

To install, try:

$ sudo snap install diceware-filiberto

Then run the command

$ diceware-filiberto.diceware

Here you can see my .yaml file:

name: diceware-filiberto
version: ‘0.9.1’
summary: Passphrase generator by concatenating words.
description: |
diceware is a passphrase generator following the proposal of Arnold G. Reinhols on It generates passphrases by concatenating words randomly picked
from wordlists.

grade: stable
confinement: strict

command: diceware

source-tag: v0.9.1
plugin: python

I’m new to this, so I appreciate any feedback. Let me know if I’m leaving anything out in this posting.




Is the network plug necessary? Does it need to connect to the Internet to do what it does?

Also, could you file a GitHub Issue here asking the developers if they’d like to maintain the Snap as diceware and publish automatic builds from their Git repository to the Edge channel (and have a proper version in the other channels)? It should be very easy for them using, assuming the Snap builds fine on Ubuntu 16.04 :slight_smile: You’ll want to put your snapcraft.yaml in your GitHub Issue for them to use.

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Thanks a lot for making this snap @Fil!

I would like to hear about your experience, from being the new person in the #snapcraft channel to successfully packaging a new snap. Did you find any problems with the docs and tutorials? What was eay and what was hard? What went well and what should we improve to make a nicer experience for the following newcomer?

pura vida

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Dear Elopio,

the tutorials are excellent, very well written. It was easy. I have some problems only with the “plug” that was not totally clear to me, as Ads2000 correctly suggested. Moreover I strongly recommend this community because there is a useful chat