Part source github release url - is it possible?

I would like to know if it is possible to source snap directly from Github releases?
This is what I came to but it is not working and I am out of ideas.

    plugin: dump
    - on amd64:$SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_VERSION/render-linux-amd64
    - on i386:$SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_VERSION/render-linux-386
    - on armhf:$SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_VERSION/render-linux-arm
    - on arm64:$SNAPCRAFT_PROJECT_VERSION/render-linux-arm64
      - render

Files are there for sure but that endups with error:

Failed to pull source: unable to determine source type of ''.
Check that the URL is correct or consider specifying `source-type` for this part. See `snapcraft help sources` for more information.

Any hints?

there is sadly no source-type: binary or something similar and the files you try to download seem to be raw binary files …

Type: enum

Used when the type of source entry cannot be detected.

Can be one of the following: [bzr|deb|git|hg|local|mercurial|rpm|subversion|svn|tar|zip|7z]


this is similar to: