Part for older version of Python

Hello again guys,
Since I would like to contribute to this great tool and thanks to the help received in this topic, I’ve created a part for Python by following the Go part made by @elopio (thanks elopio!).

It should work with all python versions.

I’m not sure if this command is useful or not in this part script:

      - -usr/include 

If used, it only works on the python version 2.7.5 and up. If removed, it seems to work well with all versions.
Could there be any problem with some Python version if removed?

I’ve not tested with Python3 versions but should work, i think. (any help is appreciated)

It might be listed in the remote parts repository?



Hello @Tungsteno,

Wouldn’t it be better to make one part for python2 two and a different one for python3? I think that could make things clearer.

pura vida.

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Thanks for your reply.

I’m not very practical with snapcraft, so I can not tell you if it’s better.
The only thing I know is that the same python repository on Github holds both 2 and 3. The only thing that changes is the numbering of the tags (and some branch names, but i don’t think it’s useful in this case).

In practice, if I enter for example, “v2.7.3” in the part source-tag keyword it will download python 2.x Instead if, i enter “v3.4.0” it will download the version 3.x of python.

So I assume that even dividing python into two parts, if one inserts a nonconforming version in one of the parts, it will download that release anyway.

Since you have more experience in this tool than me, do you still think it’s useful?
Or it is possible to overcome this problem somewhat?

Thanks again and sorry for my bad english.

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