Parse-info on pythonpart utilizing pyproject.toml

Hey, In the fiduswriter-snap, I extract the info from the file of the main fiduswriter repository using parse-info in the snapcraft.yaml file [1]. Recently I have switched to using pyproject.toml in fiduswriter, which means that I can add additional dependencies to run the file [2]. Unfortunately it looks like snapcraft doesn’t pick up on these and adding them to python-packages of the part doesn’t help either.

I haven’t found the source code for the python plugin, so I don’t really know what is going on in there, but maybe there is a workaround to install those additional packages before attempting to read the file? (The additional package in my case is babel.)

I am running on core20.



Moving all the metadata to pyproject.toml (as the Python docs suggest) and then trying to read the data from that file using

      - pyproject.toml

Only results in an error message:

Failed to extract metadata from ‘pyproject.toml’: This type of file is not supported for supplying metadata.

This type of metadata extraction is not supported at this moment, but you can create an issue in the craft-parts project requesting the feature to be implemented.