Parallel installs refusal-to-install scenarios

I’ve been trying to install snapcraft in parallel with itself so that I can use snapcraft 7 alongside snapcraft 6.

Snapd refuses to install a parallel instance when you specify a channel:

 $ snap install --channel 7.x/stable snapcraft snapcraft_7
error: a single snap name is needed to specify channel flags

Snapd refuses to install a classic snap in parallel:

$ snap install snapcraft snapcraft_7
error: This revision of snap "snapcraft_7" was published using classic
       confinement and thus may perform arbitrary system changes outside of the
       security sandbox that snaps are usually confined to, which may put your
       system at risk.

       If you understand and want to proceed, repeat the command including

$ snap install --classic snapcraft snapcraft_7
error: cannot specify mode for multiple store snaps (only for one store snap or several local ones)

Is the syntax correct? I’m under the impression you don’t expect to see the snap name twice, try

snap install --channel 7.x/stable snapcraft_7 --classic
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oh, then the docs are wrong, or maybe simply misleading: Parallel Installs | Snapcraft documentation

thanks for pointing that out. works now :slight_smile: