Papercuts (mouth-sized bugs)

  • inner, obscure, unhelpful error messages leak from failed network operations

      $ snap find
      error: cannot list snaps: Get <insanely huge url>: <deep gobblydegook>: <even deeper dobblydegook>
  • snap.yaml doesn’t interpolate environ in commands (also, commands much too restrictive; things like command: foo --bar=baz are disallowed by the current regexp).

  • commands are more restrictive than they need be

  • multiple services inside a snap aren’t ordered, and can’t be ordered. Would be nice to either support explicit ordering, or add implicit ordering ourselves (e.g., make each service be after: the one before it in the yaml)

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This is great, thanks for putting it forward. Can we please break that down into independent topics? Otherwise the conversations about each of these will be mixed below, and when we search for a problem we get a “Papercuts” topic which forces one to dig into the topic to tell what it actually is about.