Papercut initiative for snapcraft?

I’ve been snapping some applications the last few days and I’m amazed about how many rough edges there are to snapcraft and how bad the docs are. I’ve been able to get stuff to work through trail and error, but it’s really not a pleasant experience… I’d like to give my feedback somewhere, create some bug reports, give pointers as to what parts need to be documented, but it’s just a massive heap of small issues, and I know stuff like that doesn’t get addressed unless there are people actively working on that.

So my question to you: is there a papercut initiative? Is it of any use if I start filing small usability bugs or is the team just not focusing on docs and polish right now? I really don’t want to put effort in it if there are no resources to fix this stuff…


Hey @galgalesh, thanks for your feedback. Your help will be very useful to improve the experience.

We welcome bugs for every possible thing that you disliked or made the build confusing. Please, for every rough edge that you found, report a bug.

We have some bugs tagged as bitesize:

During December we will be mentoring young people to get started contributing with free software projects as part of the google code-in. With their help we hope to be closing many of these, so right now it’s a great moment to file as many as we can find.

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